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Pretty in Pink

November 16, 2007

Why is the United States always the last to follow suit when it comes to agriculture, particularly animal agriculture? Is it because there is billions of dollars at stake? Are the animal agriculture lobbyists that good?

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Proof in the Pink? Meat Treated to Give It Fresh Look

Some Grocery Stores Have Banned Carbon Monoxide-Treated Beef and Pork


For many meat eaters the proof is in the pink. They use the meat’s color as a guideline to determine the food’s freshness. But, many meat manufacturers actually inject the food with carbon monoxide to give it that fresh, reddish-pink look.

While the Food and Drug Administration has said the practice isn’t dangerous, some consumers disagree.

“At worst, it’s dangerous. At best, it’s a consumer rip-off,” said Wenonah Hauter, of Food and Water Watch.

But, industry manufacturers have defended their use of carbon monoxide-treated meat. The problem arises because even perfectly good meat begins turning brown when it’s exposed to oxygen. So, many meat manufacturers treat beef and pork with carbon monoxide.

The carbon monoxide binds with a pigment in the meat and keeps the colors vibrant and red.


There’s a video on that website that I think you should watch.

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