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Show No. 28: Sprout Goat: 12/02/08

December 2, 2008

In Maryland, focus on poultry industry pollution:

Dairy farm destroyed, 100 milking cows killed:

Pilgrim’s Pride files for chapter 11:

Wounded deer attacks hunter who shot him:

Pilots fly doomed dogs to safety:

Natural Resources worker believed to be shot by hunter:

Appeals court rules against Arctic drilling plan:,0,665797.story

Genetically engineered meat a possibility:

About Sprout

Sprout was euthanized today. He was dumped off at our front gate in July of 2002, along with Alfalfa Goat. Sprout became friends with Cheech Goat, a severely arthritic pygmy goat. Sprout protected Cheech, who couldn’t get around without being picked on by the bigger, stronger goats.

Sprout and I became bonded after I had to take him to UC Davis a couple of times. He became familiar with the way I called his name throughout the drive, and since then he would recognize it when I’d call to him out in the pasture. His head would lift up, and we’d make eye contact.

Here’s your disturbing picture of the day:


Caption: A hen pecks an eagle. Chinese farmers are trapping eagles and other birds of prey and throwing them trussed up into chicken pens to make them so scared of poultry that they never return

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  1. Harry permalink
    February 22, 2011 8:13 am

    GOOD GOING CHINESE FARMERS I never would have thought of that :3

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