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new chicken hutches

July 27, 2007

eta: gah! i don’t understand why it’s cutting off my pictures. well, it’s alright for now, but you’re missing the small door mentioned below. i had to measure that door based on wiley’s size (he’s a big tom turkey) and if the picture of gobbell wasn’t cut off, you’d see wiley in the background. oh well. i’ll work on it and see what i can do to fix it. in the meantime, read on, and enjoy!

eta again: ta da! i figured out how to edit the pictures to make them smaller. however, i will leave the above text there so that you know the other details of the pictures.

yay! during my absence at work, while attending the AR conference, the new hutches for some of our hens was completed. i was hoping i’d be there when they first stepped foot inside their new air-conditioned homes, but as it worked out, i wasn’t.

anyway, i’ve been working on this for 3-4 months (probably one of the shortest projects i’ve ever worked on) so it was nice to see it completed and the hens, roosters, and turkeys enjoying their new structures. i took some pictures which i will post and narrate below.

this first picture is of two of the three new hutches. there are two roosters between the two groups of hens (the roosters are separated from each other, of course), so that’s hilaroo in the middle right of the picture, next to the hutch.


this is a photo of the inside. of course up near the top is the a/c unit, you see the roosting box, and the bottom right of the photo is the roost, where most of the hens spend the night. right now the hutches aren’t insulated so they’re not holding in the cool air. we hope to insulate them soon.


this is a bad shot, i know. i was trying to get a shot of the small door that the animals use to go in and out of, as well as the third hutch (that’s it in the background under the tree), and the ducks with their newly improved pond. hopefully you can see all of that.


finally, this is a shot of gobbell (a turkey if you couldn’t tell) enjoying the shade his new air-conditioned hutch is providing. yay gobbell!


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  1. Justin permalink
    March 26, 2011 5:43 pm

    where did you get your steel nesting box / I cant find them anywhere?

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