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Show No. 30: 12/16/08: Various News Stories

December 16, 2008

Animals in the Press is a weekly radio program on KZFR 90.1 in Chico, CA. Sarah Downs, your weekly host, discusses news stories involving animals, providing her own commentary and sometimes the commentary from the Chico listening audience. Tune in every week to get this week’s edition of Animals in the Press, on KZFR 90.1 in Chico or every Tuesday at 5:30pm.

Here is this week’s top Animals in the Press:

(Sorry,  no link was provided for the story below.)

From Crescent, Okla.: Authorities are continuing an investigation into the decapitation of a cow owned by an Oklahoman rancher. The rancher discovered the cow’s body Dec. 9th on his land while doing morning chores and he thinks the cow was killed early that morning. The owner stated that he believes the culprits knew what they were going and how much the decapitated head was worth. The mixed-breed black Angus had black horns which measured roughly 20 inches across the base and 8 inches tall.  Because of their unusual color and size, the horns probably could be sold for hundreds of dollars. Investigators also think the cow’s head was removed for the horns. An official with the Okla. state Agriculture, Food and Forestry Dept. said a bloody trail led west out of the field several yards to the road, where he thinks the head was loaded into a pickup.  The official thinks the culprits were casing the area before they went in and shot the cow in the head.  It appears that they removed the head with a small knife and it was also noted that it would take several people to carry the head. This cow was docile because it was bottle-fed as a calf after its mother was killed by duck hunters. Larceny of livestock is a felony that can result in up to seven years in prison. The state Ag Dept. investigators work 250 cases a year involving agriculture crimes and about half are livestock-related. The investigator for this case states that he’s been in law enforcement for 40 years and has “never seen anything like this.”

Animal researchers stalked, harassed:

Man accused of killing girlfriend’s dog sentenced to 3 years in prison:

Kennel where Biden bought his dog is cited:

(link includes another link to the actual inspection report)

Take Action:

Man agrees to jail, fine in puppy mill cruelty case:

Minnesotans reining in abuse, neglect:

Six dead and starving dogs found at home:

Company guilty in pig cruelty case:

Harassed chimp stones, injures visitors:


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