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Show No. 29: 12/9/08: Sombra Rabbit

December 9, 2008

Here are today’s top Animals in the Press.

Man pleads guilty in animal abuse case:

Teacher, husband face animal cruelty charges:

Dog dragged by pickup; owner cited for cruelty:

Plea deal would bring 4 months in jail for animal cruelty:

Woman sentenced to 8 months in jail for leaving dog to die in locked crate:,0,3912559.story

Hunting shooting Thanksgiving evening:

Dog beaten, suspect in court today:

Judge orders man to pay restitution for beating dog:

Sombra’s Story

Concerned by an online posting advertising free rabbits, volunteers from the House Rabbit Society and the East Bay Animal Advocates visited a home in   Hayward  ,  California   to investigate.

In a tiny backyard enclosure, the volunteers found rabbit corpses strewn across the ground. The yard was littered with piles of bones, feces, and decaying body parts. Huddling in fright behind gas cans, car parts, and heaps of garbage, were more than thirty miserable survivors. Those rabbits still living were suffering from serious medical problems. Their fur was matted and bleached yellow with urine. All of the food bowls in the enclosure were empty, except for fecal matter, and the only available water was foul-smelling and soupy, filled with feces, algae, and dirt.

The volunteers called Hayward Animal Services and returned to the property with humane officers the following day. The officers decided that all of surviving rabbits should be immediately removed from the residence.

The House Rabbit Society contacted Farm Sanctuary. We arranged for four of the rabbits to be transported to our California Shelter.

We said goodbye to Sombra last week.

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