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Chico Walk for Farm Animals

September 27, 2008

Today was the 4th Annual Chico Walk for Farm Animals, to benefit Farm Sanctuary and spread the word on Proposition 2.

Prop. 2 will be on your ballot this November, and I am urging you to vote Yes on it. Prop. 2 would give millions of Farm Animals in California room to spread their wings, stand up, lie down, and even turn around, which is a luxury they do not have in today’s modern California factory farms.

Here is some information about factory farming, which takes place right here in your own state: http://www. farmsanctuary. org/issues/factoryfarming/

Here is some information and Proposition 2: http://yesonprop2. com/

And here is some information about Farm Sanctuary: http://www. farmsanctuary. org/

You can still sponsor me, even though the Walk took place today, by visiting: http://www. firstgiving. com/sarahdowns

Finally, here are some photos from today’s Walk for Farm Animals, featuring many dedicated activists from right here in Chico.

That's me there on the left.

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