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an old blog with a lot of insight

August 4, 2008

Heh. I rediscovered this old blog I wrote when I celebrated my four year vegan anniversary. On August 1, I celebrated six years of being all vegan all the time. It was fun to read this old blog. I hope it’s fun for you too:

So, without further ado, here are the things I’ve learned since becoming vegan:

* Nutrional Yeast is good and good for you. Eat it.
* Soy ice cream is just as good if not better than regular ice cream. I say this as I am eating a pint of Turtle Trails.
* Soy milk is kind of weird at first, but once you start drinking it you can’t imagine drinking any other white liquidy substance. Chocolate soy milk is even more kick ass.
* Cholesterol only exists in animal products! Eliminate animal products and you automatically eliminate cholesterol!!
* I am better at baking than I am at cooking.
* Tofu scramble is so f***ing good. Hey man, don’t knock it ’til you try it. You get the scramble without the umbilical cord. Yay!
* Any press is good press (sorta).
* Working for a non-profit organization such as Farm Sanctuary kicks ass because:
a. You get to meet cool vegan folks and cool new vegan interns every single month. (Sometimes said interns are cute vegan boyz.)
b. You make all kinds of awesome vegan connections with awesome vegan people.
c. You get to hang out with super cool animals on your lunch break. Animals that like to kiss you and nuzzle you when you brush them. Animals that bite your toes because you’re wearing flip-flops and your toes look like worms. Animals that jump to catch grapes out of your fingers. Animals that shake their tails back and forth as they eat. (I seriously need to capture this on video sometime.)
d. You make friends that will last you a lifetime.
e. You get to wear shorts and flip-flops to work every day. Also, no one cares if you get covered in pig sh*t because they’re all covered in pig sh*t too.
f. The adventures you take just working in the office are adventures you will never forget.
g. You don’t get picked on. You eat your vegan food and actually have people ask for the recipe.
* Vegan food, in general, is way gooder than non-vegan food. Way more gooder.
* Getting involved in a local group of folks who think all the same stuff I do is the best thing I ever did.
* Circuses are evil.
* Most of the human race pretty much sucks, but they are all potential vegans, so I should cut them a break.
* Vegan dudes are hot automatically.
* Vegan dudes are hot automatically.
* No, seriously. They really are.
* Vegans really do taste better.
* Educating people is awesome, especially when they turn around and share that knowledge with someone else.
* Going vegan was the best decision I ever made for myself.
* I have cool cats. They really are pretty ****ing cool. Of course, I knew this before going vegan, but I feel I must mention it anyway.
* The more defensive someone gets about your veganism, the more guilty they feel about eating meat.
* Did I mention that thing about vegan dudes? Oh yeah, there it is.

Now, I can’t sit here and pretend like being vegan is all shits and giggles, because it’s not. The images I’ve seen in videos and pictures will haunt me for the rest of my life. The articles I’ve read (especially recently) tell me things that make me sad, angry, depressed, pissed off beyond belief, and sometimes they make me feel like giving up. Sometimes the depression catches up and buries me to the point of near suffocation. Sometimes I don’t want to go outside for fear of lashing out at someone because of something I just saw, heard, felt, breathed, touched.

But! None of that matters because I am vegan for a damn good reason. I am vegan because I am compassionate and concious. I am not dead inside. I am not blind. Because of all these things I have seen and heard I am one of those people that actually gets out there and tries to make a difference. I could very well sit at home and feel sorry for myself (believe me, I’ve done my fair share of that) or I could get out there and do something. And I do just that.

Being vegan makes me feel powerful and cool, and I dig that.

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