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Show No. 11: 7/15/08: Today’s Guest, Lezlie Morrow

July 22, 2008

Click here to listen to Show No. 11 Lezlie Morrow

Hi there!

You’re probably reading this because you listened to my show today and (a) wanted more information about the stories I talked about, (b) you wanted to find ways to help, (c) you wanted to leave a comment or question about today’s show, or (d) you wanted to find out more about me. Well, you’re in the right place!

Here are links to the stories I talked about on today’s show. But first, in case you’re wondering, my opening song was “Be Healthy” by the Dead Prez. Awesome.

On today’s show, I will be interviewing Lezlie Morrow, Board Member, Shelter Leader, and Volunteer Training Coordinator for the North Valley Animal Disaster Group (NVADG).

The NVADG has been around since 2004, and is set up to assist members of the public with their animals in the event of a disaster.

The NVADG has been activated many times over the past 2-3 months, starting with the Ophir Fire, then the Humboldt Fire, and now the Butte Lightning Complex.

Lezlie Morrow will talk about how the group started, how you can become involved, how to protect your animals in the event of a disaster, and how to take care your animals once they return home to their disheveled and potentially destroyed environments.

Tune in, and please give us a call at 530-895-0167 with your questions!

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  1. Tim Morrow permalink
    September 1, 2008 7:07 pm

    The universe works in mysterious ways, my sister always said. She did alot of things to help others, and make sure people close to her was alright, sometimes at her own expense. My sister used to volunteer all of her free time to things that never paid much if anything at all only to see that people and animals were happy. My sister gave alot and my sister is Lezlie Morrow, the person being interviewed here. She was in dreadful pain but felt obligated to make this appointment and get the NVADG message out. She was so sick my mother had to take her to this interview.

    Lezlie thought she was tired, thought she had some kind of stomach flu she waited longer and longer hoping it would go away.

    One week from this interview she went to the ER to find out what the heck was going on. Lezlie, the always loving and caring young lady had Pancreatic cancer. The cancer, she was told has spread throughout her body and she had little chance of surviving it. True to form she worried about those in her life who would be hurt most about her passing and consoled them. She was such a brave and compassionated and caring person, she touched everyone who spent anytime with her.

    Lezlie died yesterday, just 4 weeks after being diagnosed. She fought the good fight though until it could no longer be won and simply went to sleep never to awake again. Her family was with her, we all said our goodbyes and told her we loved her and we would miss her dearly.

    I love you Lezlie, you will always be with me. I am happy to have had you as my sister for the short 40 years of my life we have had together. Your spirits glow will never grow dim.

    Listen to the audio here, thats my sister!!!!

  2. September 2, 2008 9:03 am


    I am so, so very sorry about your loss. Lezlie was a new friend of mine, having only met her a month or two before the interview. I remember reading about her in the paper, when she was interviewed about her work with dogs and how she talks to people in the park about better ways to walk their dogs. I remember thinking that she was probably the same person in Magalia and Paradise with posters advertising her desire to place people in homes that are suitable for their animals, too. I remember thinking that I liked her, based on that interview. When I met her, I knew I liked her.

    I was deeply saddened to learn of her illness. When she came in for her interview, I was shocked at how tired she looked. But she came in and plugged away anyway, and the interview went great! I was so pleased that we were able to spread the word about NVADG, if only for a half hour.

    I will never, ever forget Lezlie and how tirelessly she worked at everything she did. I am honored to have our interview recorded here for all to hear.

    Best wishes,


  1. Just remember that death is not the end « unequivocal nonsense.

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