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Show No. 8: 6/24/08

June 24, 2008

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Hi there!

You’re probably reading this because you listened to my show today and (a) wanted more information about the stories I talked about, (b) you wanted to find ways to help, (c) you wanted to leave a comment or question about today’s show, or (d) you wanted to find out more about me. Well, you’re in the right place!

Here are links to the stories I talked about on today’s show. But first, in case you’re wondering, my opening song was “Be Healthy” by the Dead Prez. Awesome. Here are your links for today’s show:

Pigs Shot After Escaping Floods

S.F. “No Kill” Shelter Kills Pets

Deaths May Be Linked to Mad Cow

Chino Slaughterhouse Worker Admits to Animal Abuse Charges:

(unfortunately I could not view the article without paying for it, so here is a summary)

CHINO – A former slaughterhouse supervisor caught on video abusing sick and injured cows pleaded no contest to animal cruelty charges this morning.

Daniel Ugarte Navarro, who worked as a pen manager at the Westland / Hallmark Meat Co. until the video surfaced earlier this year, faces as up to a year in county jail as a result of the plea in Chino Superior Court.

Navarro will likely be allowed to serve the sentence either at home on electronic monitoring or on a weekend jail work release program.

Outside the courtroom, Navarro said he was relieved to put the case behind him, though he insisted he was not to blame for the abuse. He said he did his job at the slaughterhouse with the tools and instructions his supervisors gave him.

Paul McCartney calles for “Meat Free Mondays”

(sorry, same for this blurb)

By Lindsey Klingele on 6/23/2008 for

Sir Paul McCartney urged Britons to make their Mondays meat-free in an effort to lower meat consumption and cut carbon emissions.

The former Beatle and long-time vegetarian issued the call to action during an interview with The Grocer. He said that Australians had already embraced cutting meat out of their diets for one day a week in an effort to curb any environmental impact of meat production.

“A lot of people go to the gym on a Monday. With meat-free Mondays, it’s a bit like going to the gym but with the added advantage of protecting the planet,” he said.

McCartney has thrown his celebrity weight behind pro-vegetarian campaigns in the past and is a prominent member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ advertising campaign.

Supreme Court to Review Decision for Navy Sonar Use

Pakistan Reports Bird Flu Outbreak:

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