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Animals in the Press: Coming Live To You Tomorrow!

May 6, 2008

Hi everyone,

Quick update. The show starts tomorrow, May 6 from 5:30 – 6:00pm on local station KZFR. You can listen live by clicking that link and clicking on “Listen Live”, or wait for me to convert it to podcast form. I’ve been researching that, but I won’t really be able to try it until I’ve got my first show under my belt. I’ll have to move it from minidisc, to CD, to my computer, to the podcast site, and hope for the best. It make take a couple weeks, so please bear with me.

This blog will coincide with the show, so any stories I mention on the show will be linked to here. I will also post links on ways you can help when the situation arises. Anything I mention on the show should be here, so that y’all have easy access.

I’m pretty nervous and excited. Mostly nervous. I mean, I’m used to being on the air, but I’m nervous something will go wrong, I’ll curse like a motherfucker (what?), or I’ll offend someone and get kicked off the station. Let’s hope none of those things happen.

Tune in, and wish me luck!


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