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settin’ my dial on the radio

August 8, 2007

so i’m finally back into the swing of trying to become a radio programmer at KZFR here in chico. tonight i sat in with my friend randy larsen (you’ll have to click on ‘eco-talk’ at 5:30pm on tuesdays to get more details on the show, including a mugshot of randy himself.) anyway, tonights’ topic’s of discussion were three items total, two of which i had written about in my previous blogs; vegansexuals and the aquafina scandal. it was fun, albeit a little nerve racking. it definitely helps to hear my voice (including my obnoxious laugh) on the air so i can tone it down a little bit when it comes time to run my own program. anyway, randy had a different take on the vegansexual (btw, i really hate that term, and am only using it for the sake of this blog) thing as far as other groups of people go, and he said he could never date a smoker. the same goes for me, i’d have to say. dan, if you’re still reading any of this, i would like to ask you, do you date anyone you’re attracted to, no matter what? you’re not turned off by any one thing? i’m very curious about this. i didn’t want this question to get buried among my other comments, so that’s why i’m asking it here.

later in the show, some dude called up and asked me where i get my omega-3’s. i almost clammed up, but then i said something to the effect of, “well … honestly, i don’t really pay a whole lot of attention to that stuff.” which is true. i don’t think he was expecting that answer, based on his reaction. so then i said that “i’m pretty sure you can get omega-3’s from flax seeds and flax seed oil”, but then i thought maybe i was wrong about that. you know, that whole self-doubt thing. BUT. when i got home, i checked my flax seed oil bottle and i was right! i was kind of proud of myself. but it also made me realize, if i’m going to be out there representin’, i should probably do a little fact checking before i blurt things out. thankfully i was right this time.

i just got the strangest message on myspace. it came from a user who calls himself “WHO WANT ME!!!” and his message reads:


I search for any female wear slippers and saw and read you wear slippers that cool

I hope you do wear like this here I found a pic and that all female should I looking for a sister or GF do cool stuff normal stuff like wear there slippers so I have a cool sister or GF like wear slippers all time any season any weather any color socks and stockings and any outfit and wear in public and driving and wear indoor and outdoor all time !

Here a sample pic I found!

(picture omitted because i am too afraid to click on it. the thumbnail appears to show that it’s just a pair of pink women’s slippers sitting on a hardwood floor.)

now, nowhere in my myspace profile does it say that i like to wear slippers. however, he seems to think i like slippers (most likely because i’m vegan? although i fail to see the connection.) apparently, he REALLY likes slippers to wear any time day or night even when driving.

it’s amazing, the messages i’ll get when i change my photo to a certain one out of the group. if i’m hugging a turkey or kissing a cow, i don’t get anything. when i put this specific photo up, i get message after message. go figure.

that’s it. i just made some chana masala and i’m about to veg out in front of a movie. i’ve been working out all week and my muscles need a break. maybe i should start getting more omega-3’s in my diet …

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  1. Ryan M. permalink
    August 8, 2007 5:43 am

    Omega-3s can also come from algae. I get my omega-3s from soy milk fortified with the later. I haven’t integrated flax into my diet… I should get a toaster some day and try some flax waffles.

    as far as that myspace message… that made no sense at all. it probably was a way to get you to load up a virus or end up at a phishing site where login details could be swiped. evil myspace people are why I keep my profile private.

    keep us up-to-date on your radio show!

  2. Dan permalink
    August 8, 2007 4:38 pm

    Too answer your question: I have a real problem with people smoking. For years I swore that I would never date a smoker. Then I met a woman that was perfect for me in every other way. She never smoked around me, because she knew how I felt about it. Did I not date her because of this one flaw? OF course not. I adapted. She has since given up smoking (and me, but that’s another story).

    BTW, I love your slippers. ;)

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