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i’m about to reveal the secret of the universe!

August 6, 2007

i’ve been told to watch “the secret” by a couple of people in my life (probably because of my sour outlook on life) so i sat down and watched it this weekend.

you know, it’s not all that bad, trying to get people to be more positive and stop having such negative thoughts throughout the day. the dvd itself is kind of cheesy, but they get their point across. as i sat watching it, i started paying attention my inner dialog and holy hell i was being negative.

alright, back on topic. so basically, the secret of the universe is …. the law of attraction. what you think, you attract. if you think you’re going to get a bill in the mail, the universe will deliver a bill in the mail. if you think you’re going to be late for work, you make yourself late for work by thinking about it. i practiced that this morning. i left for work at my normal time (on time), and kept drifting back to the old thought process, “i’m going to be late, this truck is going to make me late, [my manager] will be angry with me because i’m late …” so every time i starting thinking those thoughts, i switched them to “i’m totally going to be on time. watch this. i’ll probably even have 10 minutes to spare.” now, i don’t really know what this means, but sure enough i got stuck behind not one, but two big dumb trucks. but by the time i rounded that last curve before the farm entrance, i looked at the clock, and lo and behold i had 10 minutes to spare. i also had been thinking about a nice, hot cup of coffee, and sure enough, those 10 minutes were used to brew a pot. i dunno. maybe it worked, or maybe it was just wishful thinking?

i started thinking about past experiences; with relationships, money, and everything else. i started thinking about all the times i influenced things to happen just by thinking about it a lot; wishing it, imagining it, feeling it. some of these things were bad, some of them were great. what i’m saying is, i think i was already putting things like this into practice – i just didn’t know it. now that i know how to use it, maybe i’ll start using it to my own benefit.

anyway, the dvd makes it seem as though if you imagine receiving, say, $1,000 and you make yourself feel it, believe it, see it … that you could end up with that $1,000. i find it a little hard to believe, to be honest. but, it sort of makes sense. they explain it a lot better in the dvd. and given my skeptical nature, this will take a lot of convincing on their part.

oh, also, for those of you that are thinking it’s some kind of scam or new age bullshit … well, you may be right, i don’t know. however, i kept waiting for them to ask for money for this other dvd or a book or something, but nothing like that happened. i went to the website and yeah, they were selling stuff, but it wasn’t anything more than your regular merchandise; books, cd’s, etc. who doesn’t sell that stuff?

anyway, if anything, it’s caused me to listen to my own inner dialog, and if you know me, you know that ain’t such a bad thing. i’m the most negative motherfucker there is, and i’ll take all the help i can get.

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  1. Colleen permalink
    August 7, 2007 12:03 am

    Your last sentence cracked me up. ;)

  2. August 7, 2007 4:27 am

    I too think the DVD is pretty hokey, but the information is really good. I’ve done some reading on positive thinking outside of The Secret as well, including the differences in “lucky” and “unlucky” people, and positive thinking really does seem to have a lot to do with it. (A spot on 20/20, gave me a lot of information having to do with it.)

    And in my own life I notice it as well, when I’m down.. more bad things happen. And when I’m positive, it seems like everything else goes right as well. The idea that the universe will ‘bring’ something to you, is a little bit hard to digest. But thinking that making yourself open to certain situations makes a difference, really seems like something worth practicing.

    This guy has been pretty inspiring as well:

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