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veggie dish eats meat

August 2, 2007

i found this article to be very interesting. this woman is a vegetarian, has been for a long time, but she prides herself on her ability to cook meat. the last time i cooked meat was over 4 years ago. occasionally i wonder if i’d ever have the ability to cook meat for my cats (cat food as a whole SUCKS) but i always end up being completely honest with myself. there is no way i could ever go to the store, buy a package of meat, bring it home, and throw it on the stove. a number of months ago, we had to buy some raw chicken for this heron (a wild bird) that showed up on our farm, injured. we had to rehabilitate him and we were directed by the kind folks at bidwell wildlife to feed him raw chicken. it was really bizarre, buying that chicken and bringing it back to the farm; a sanctuary for farm animals!

anyway, i’m off topic. read the article and tell me what you think.

article source.

Veggie dish meets meat

She may not eat meat, but that doesn’t mean she won’t cook it

By Robert Dann

Carol Shiffner has spent countless summers enveloped in the sights, smells and sounds of the Jersey shore. However, she has been a vegetarian since she was 14.

“I’m a blue crab girl!” she said. “The string, the chicken necks (as bait) … I loved catching them. I cook them but I’ve never eaten them.”

Wait a minute, how could that be?

“My mother had a food rule, if we tried something three times and didn’t like it, she wouldn’t make us eat it,” Shiffner explained.

So at age 14, Shiffner had never developed a taste for meat. Being a vegetarian was just a way to describe her dining preference. It wasn’t until her later teens that she linked her food choices to animal rights. But, after taking various human biology courses, being a vegetarian simply became a matter of living a healthier life.

But, make no mistake, this vegetarian can grill a steak with the best of chefs and takes enormous pride in her ability to cater to both vegetarians and carnivores sitting at the same dining table.

“I’ve put a lot of dishes together that I’ve never tasted,” Shiffner explains. She approaches each dish like it was a painter’s canvas, producing a carefully orchestrated combination of colors and smells.

If a dish needs a little more red to put it over the top, Shiffner goes through a mental checklist of reds that would compliment her dish. For example, the paprika on the chicken in the following recipe is more for color than flavor, but any meat eater will quickly acknowledge its taste value.

Like other Chef’s Night Off chefs, Shiffner likes to keep things simple in her home kitchen. Her daughters Kamera, 15, and Keteri, 7, are also vegetarians. But, boyfriend Lenny and son Noah, 5, are meat eaters. “But it should be noted that Noah is very good about eating his vegetables,” Shiffner smiles.

Two big favorites at Shiffner’s house are her Peach Gazpacho and her Veggies Meet Meat Fajitas. The gazpacho is great as a soup or even a dessert.

For her fajita dish, Shiffner starts her meal by cooking up some saffron rice, but any rice works well with this dish. Shiffner notes that she uses whatever fresh vegetables are on hand.

Once the vegetables are cut up, she spices them up (except the tomatoes and avocado) with fajita seasoning adding just a hint of olive oil. She then sautés the seasoned vegetables to desired crispness. Next, she mixes in the tomatoes and avocado with cilantro, limejuice and a hint of black pepper. In separate skillets, she then sautés the marinated chicken and tofu until done.

She serves the chicken and tofu on a large ceramic platter with a rainbow of garnishes including shredded lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, avocado sour cream and anything else requested by her crew. On separate plates, Shiffner serves a pile of heated flour tortillas and the saffron rice. She throws a knowing smile. Besides tasting fabulous, her dish also possesses all the visual excitement of a southwestern sunset.


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  1. Billy permalink
    August 3, 2007 10:26 pm

    so i guess she is not vegetarian for humane reasons? just simply due to taste? Or i wonder if she thinks the animals would die regardless of her cooking them or not? hmmmm….. still kinda strange!

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