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hazel bunny

July 24, 2007

this is a copied email i sent to my mother, father, and brother, who were all concerned with hazel’s arrival in chico.

Hi everyone,

We made it! In just under 12 hours. I didn’t really think about traffic when I set myself up to pick her up on Monday morning. Between Pasadena and Ontario and back, we spent roughly 3 hours in traffic. Carolyn left her dog with someone at the farm, so instead of going straight to Chico, we went to Orland, THEN Chico. I was exhausted from driving and worrying about Hazel the entire time.

She did pretty well on the drive, despite the fact that her water bottle leaked within the first five minutes on the road and that corner of her cage was soaked. Rob mentioned that she would move from one side of the cage to the other as the car moved this way and that, and she did in fact do that during the first couple hours of the trip. She eventually settled down and we’d only hear from her when the car stopped abruptly or made a sharp turn. We stopped in Sacramento for some snacks and got her an apple, which she ignored. Finally we made it home, and she was placed in her old familiar cage.

In the process of setting up her new cage, Selena, my only female cat, wandered into Hazel’s cage to check things out. She gave me the “all clear” and I was then okay to put Hazel in there.

Hazel sniffed noses with the other cats through the bars and drank lots of water, eventually settling in the corner for the night. I covered her cage with a towel to give her some sort of privacy from the prying eyes of four four-legged creatures.

This morning she is out and about the front room, exploring and kicking her heels. She sniffed noses with a couple of the cats, and so far there has been no swatting or hissing, which I didn’t really know to expect or not. She is curious about my cats and the feeling is mutual; everyone is just lounging about now, waiting for Hazel to do something weird or extraordinary.

So far she has ignored the electrical cords but just in case I am keeping an eye on her. For the most part she is just checking things out and, in the process, stretching her legs.

As soon as I have the ability to take a photo, I’ll get that done and send it to you. I don’t have a camera, so it might be awhile. Rest assured, she is still brown, plump, and sassy.


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